About Adina

I’m Adina.  And you know what? I hate these About pages.  I hated writing my bio for theatre programs too.  But, since this is the only way to get to know me, here goes…

I am a mom of two (fabulous and beautiful, though I admit bias) girls living in the Pacific Northwest.  We are a geeky and tech savvy household, and The Husband works at a particularly geeky comic book publisher. Me? I write (sometimes about real things, sometimes about things I just wish were real, and sometimes I just make shit up) and I draw.  I homeschool my kiddos, and yes, they are very well socialized.  They have good table manners, too.

I love journals and fountain pens.  I have tattoos, and want more. My house is pretty much always a mess. I love hiking. I have a degree in technical theatre. I garden, make jam, and knit.

I am currently working on editing my first novel and finishing the first draft of my second. I’m also teaching myself to draw and paint better. One or both of these particular things might be shared here, as well as my thoughts about the world.

image image

Have a question? Drop me a line.


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