What I did last week while The Husband met Joss Whedon
What I did last week while The Husband met Joss Whedon

The dust is settling from The Husband going to San Diego Comic Con, and I finally have some time to blog.  The week he is gone seems longer than it is, but as it is his only business trip each year, we manage.  It’s a pretty cool business trip all told. I mean, hanging out at Comic Con is a pretty good work day.

Before he left I spent some time polishing up the short story I had been working on and I pulled the trigger and submitted it to two magazines.  That was the most nerve wracking thing I have done (aside from making dentist appointments) in a very long time. You wouldn’t think sending bits of text out into the wi-fi ether would be cause for nerves, but it was.

And then there’s the waiting.

One magazine says they will get back to you in 8-10 weeks.  The other didn’t say at all.

I submitted 10 days ago, so I have a while to wait.  I might have clicked on my Submittable account a few times….and the junk folder in my email is the cleanest it has ever been.

Finding places to submit my work is a challenge.  I don’t have the money to subscribe to all the literary magazines, and I rarely have the time to browse the magazines at Powell’s for longer than it takes for one of my kids to holler, “MOOOM!” at me. Someone pointed me toward Duotrope, and it looks amazing.  I have only begun to poke around it to see what it can find, though I haven’t signed up for an account yet, as it is a pay service.

Revisions on the book are going slowly. One of the problems I have faced since having children is that sometimes, they use up all the focus and creativity I have for the day. By the time we get to bedtime, there’s nothing left to offer. I think this is a common problem for parents, mother types especially.  Sometimes I read a couple of paragraphs and make a couple notes, and other times, I watch X Files on Netflix.

I need to pick a time where I can block off writing time and protect it. I can squeeze in a bit here and there, but not in the amount of time it needs to have dedicated to it. While the sliver of time after bedtime is good for doing small bits, it is also the time when I am most likely to fall asleep myself.  I also have found that drawing or painting comes easier to me when I am trying to clear my mind for sleep as well.

Do you have a creative pursuit and kids? What time of day do you find most conducive to working on it? How do you guard that time?

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    1. Mornings used to work really well for me. I’d get up at 6 and have 2 hours before anyone woke up to bug me. Second child is a morning kid though, and if I get up at 6, so does she. I may have to try it again though. Thanks for responding!

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  1. My kids are teenagers, night owls, late day awakening zombies. So I get up earlier and read/write/connect then. I am with you in the not writing as well at night. By then I just want to watch X-Files and play candy crush, or doodle, for brain wind-down time.

    Way to go on submitting your words! Fingers crossed for you and holding space as you wait.

    Love your iris. Your paintings and drawings are my favorites. Just beautiful, always. XO

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  2. I have one night a week when I have art time (or whatever I want to do) as soon as my husband gets home from work until whenever I want. He takes all the kid duties and I shut the door to our office/studio space. Sometimes I’m up until 1 or 2am. Best thing ever.


    1. That’s a great arrangement. I’m looking forward getting more time like this as the littlest gets older.


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