Well, then. Now what?

 I’ve been pondering the question of “Now what?” quite a lot this week.  My current employment has come to an end and I am wondering where we go now.  The job was a good one – fit my life perfectly.  It didn’t pay a ton, but enough to help out and give us some ease in our day to day life.  It also came with a lot of stress and more drama than I ever thought it would. In some ways, I’m relieved.  In others, I’m sad.

That brings me back to the “Now what?” question.

Frankly, nothing.  For a little while, anyway.  The last two jobs I’ve had have been convenient, and suited for my life at the time, but not really something I want to do for the rest of my working years. (As if anyone has that kind of stability anymore.)  I have the (admittedly giant) luxury of taking a bit of time to ponder what to do next. I recognize that it is a huge luxury to not have to scramble for a job, to not have to worry that the electricity will be turned off. And I really feel like I should use it to figure out which path to head down, and do it well.

Given that writing is one of the options that I have to pursue, I figure it was time to bring this blog out and give it a shine.  Don’t expect a homeschooling, mommy blog, or a billion pictures of my kids.  I’ve don’t that, and that is not what will show up on this blog.  I’m not fully sure what will show up here, but it will be something. It might even be interesting or well written…possibly both. If I’m lucky.

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